Client Appointment Scheduling & Tracking System

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  • Interactive, dynamic Client & Counselor Scheduling system
  • Client access to SCORE EDMIS system
    • (link interface – 641 counseling request)
  • Totally Internet based
    • (access -  any time & any place)
  • Easy to Use


The SCORE-cast system was developed to resolve the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of the Chapter’s manual procedures, hand written 641’s and WebIT system.

SCORE-cast is an on-line scheduling & tracking system designed & implemented by Montgomery County, PA Chapter #513 in joint collaboration with Strategic Internet Marketing & Management, LLC (SIMM) to provide SCORE Clients and Counselors with dynamic appointment scheduling and interactive communication service.

Although this system was initially developed by a SCORE Member (IT Systems Engineering Consultant) and SIMM (independent internet applications developer), to meet Chapter #513’s specific requirements, it is flexible both in function and form to accommodate the needs of a majority of the SCORE chapters nationally.  It also has the “Ease of Use” to present as little impact on Counselor/Client personal interaction and Chapter procedures as possible, while maintaining efficient control of appointment scheduling & tracking.  The system also has simple counselor scheduling where either the counselor or SCORE administrator can schedule their duty roster.  The administrator can also match up client needs to the appropriate counselor, if specific expertise is required.

SCORE-cast is totally internet based and can be accessed by any computer, anywhere.  It can be either linked through the chapter website or accessed independently.  The domain names, &, are registered by Chapter #513.  The Internet URL, for all chapters who wish to implement this system, is www.score[chapter#]  The hosting for SCORE-cast is provided by SIMM.



Efficiency & Accuracy achieved, while maintaining Client/Counselor personal interaction, through

  • Dynamic Scheduling  –  by clients, counselors, administrators at multiple locations
  • Automatic Appointment Client Emails - acknowledgement, reminders & reschedules  
  • Internet Access to SCORE-cast by Clients & Counselors - any time and any place
  • Client Appointment Confirmation indicator - by Counselor’s personal interaction
  • Customizable Counseling Location Availability  - dates & times
  • Counselor’s Access - Client Information in advance of session
  • Client access to EDMIS system (641 request for counseling)
  • Client/Counselor Match up - needs vs. experience
  • Customizable Client Profiles (enhanced 641info)
  • Reduced Client no shows and cancellations
  • Improved Client Data Integrity

…and much, much more

Demo available by internet access
First time user - enter your information. Returning user - access code automatically emailed. 
For additional information (pricing & operating instructions) feel free to contact Rich DeFalco, #513 Chair by email or call 215.885.3027.

For technical questions or assistance please contact Bob Babb at